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Each logo follows a detailed process before it is executed. First, is to understand the business and what the owner wants to achieve. Next, comes the preliminary sketches (very raw) in order to present as many ideas as possible to the user. (Between 20 and 30 sketched concept ideas are presented to each client). Once we have a concept, refined sketches are then sent before hitting the computer. This ensure we are moving in the right direction. If a designer goes straight to the computer, then how well do they know your business? How can you be branded without being known? We, at Breedlove Ink, do not believe in cookie cutter brands or one and done concepts. We believe in process and creativity. Giving you what you want is our only desire.



Freelance Graphic Designer Rebecca Breedlove brings a personal touch to her business. With every design, her thoughts are solely about customer experience. What will your experience be?

Designs out of Washington, USA

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