My name is Rebecca Breedlove and I am the founder and designer for BREEDLOVE INK. My passion has always been people and art, so I've combined the love and desire to serve people with the talent and passion given to me by my Creator. As the world becomes larger and larger, the search for a Designer who "understands" your needs becomes harder to find. - the preverbial needle in a haystack. So cliche! But at Breedlove Ink, we are never too busy, too distant, too "out of control" to stop and listen to you, That is why at Breedlove Ink, we breed LOVE into Ink!




Our designs are meaningful because of the thoughtfulness of the designers behind them.


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If you like it we love it, but we understand that Ship happens. We'll gladly take back any product.

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Freelance Graphic Designer Rebecca Breedlove brings a personal touch to her business. With every design, her thoughts are solely about customer experience. What will your experience be?

Designs out of Anywhere USA

Phone: (818) 355 - 1717

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Art is delivered Worldwide. Product ships in 5-7 business days. For custom work, please allow 7 - 10 business days .

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